Composite Autoclaves

We call composite material the produce coming from the polymerization of carbon fibers and resins, adequately prepared and shaped overlapping coats of fibers and resin on moulds or cores.


Polymerization of resins can occur in moulds heated or in vacuum, but the best results are obtained through process in autoclave, keeping it in vacuum sealed in suitable envelopes to eliminate all air infiltrations and submitting it to outside pressure to improve its consistency.


In particular Italmatic for aeronautical, spatial and military fields, for structural parts and not, manufacture autoclaves in the respect of most severe American and European production standards like:

BOEING D6-49327; BAC5317-5; BAC5514,  BAC5578; BAC5621, AIPI03-02-019 BQG0080 , CPS8100 , CPS7100 , AP3222 assuring thermal uniformity according to AMS2750E and certification of the equipment according to rules NADCAP.


Recently with the establishing of thermoplastics resins and materials, we assisted to a further evolution of process techniques. Italmatic autoclaves followed step by step these innovations and assure safety, reliability, precision and repeatability of cycles in time.

Composite Autoclaves
Composite Autoclaves
Composite Autoclaves

Composite Autoclaves - internal view

Demostrating the inner portion of the autoclaves

Composite Autoclaves - Trolly

Trolly will be designed accordingly to customer needs

Composite Autoclaves - Door hinges

Difference type of door hinges

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