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Italmatic COMFORT® solid tires


Italmatic produces and distributes a complete range of new solid tires with the Comfort® brand. These are entirely manufactured in Italy (in the Capannori plant – Lucca), with high quality and service standards at extremely competitive prices.


Unlike the competition that vulcanizes solid tires in two-half molds, Comfort® solid tires are the only ones to be vulcanized in cylindrical molds with 6 radial sectors and use three high-performance compounds to ensure maximum durability.


Comfort® solid tires are also available in non-marking, anti-oil, anti-static, high bearing capacity, with standard or quick-fit heel (Flash).


Our customers are important OEM manufacturers of forklifts and the main distributors of industrial tires for the spare parts market.


In the same factory the presses for the assembly / disassembly of the solid tires from the rim are produced, in five versions to fully satisfy the needs of each customer.


Finally, Italmatic specializes in the supply of complete systems and know-how for the production of any type of solid rubber “new or rebuilt”.

Polyurethane tyre

PU tyre

Polyurethane and rubber products sometimes appear to be variations of the same material, they are quite different in physical structure as well as beneficial qualities.


The qualities and benefits of polyurethanes are far superior to those of traditional rubber.


The differences are obvious in a number of ways with a variety of attributes, including:

  • Load Capacity – A polyurethane tire can easily support twice the weight that a rubber tire can support, making polyurethanes ideal for heavy weight-bearing lift trucks.
  • Wear and Abrasion Resistance – Poly tires will last around four times as long as rubber tires, as rubber tires tend to wear down from long distance road friction.
  • Wet Floor Conditions – Because produce warehouses, for example, usually have wet floors due to the necessity of high moisture to maintain produce freshness, polyurethane tires have to be siped to secure reliable traction. Siped is the process of making small, angular cuts across the treads. While rubber is better for moist floors, it loses efficiency in load-bearing capabilities, so siped poly treads solves the problem without compromising load-bearing benefits.
  • High Speed Operation – In this category, rubber is preferred, as poly doesn’t wear as well at high speeds; the inability of poly tires to dissipate internal heat efficiently is the issue.
  • Chemical Resistance – While harsh solvents like methylene chloride, methyl ethyl ketone, or acids can break down polyurethanes, the chemical resistance benefits of polyurethane tires make them perfect for environments where industrial chemicals are present and utilized.

We are the main distributors of industrial tyres for the spare part market.


In the same factory, we design and fabricate presses to mount/demount solid tyres on/from the rim in five versions to satisfy the requirements of each Customer.

In addition, Italmatic is specialized in the supply of complete plants and of know-how for the production of any type of “new or retreaded” solid tyre.

On the other hand, Italmatic also offers complete range of Polyurethane tyres for lift trucks and material handling equipment.

Italmatic produces and distributes a complete range of new solid tyres under the brand Comfort®. They are manufactured completely in Italy (in the factory of  Capannori – Lucca), with high quality and service standards at extremely competitive prices.

Differently from our competitor where curing of solid tyres using two halves moulding. Our Comfort® solid tyres are the only ones being cured in cylindrical mould with 6 radial segments and using three high performance compounds to assure their optimum service life. 


Comfort® solid tyres are available also in the following versions: no marking, antioil, antistatic, high lift, with standard or quick bead (Flash).

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