Propriety Technology of Process 1 is subdivided into 2 batch processes

  1. Cartridge Transfer System (CTS)
  2. Retread Tyre Derived Diesel (RTDD or Diesel Technology) – Patent is currently being sort.

Cartridge Transfer System (CTS) refining process

In Cartridge Transfer System, CTS, Cartridges are use where completely baled tyres are place inside tighly. The tyres are loaded into the reactors using overhead crane. A single reactor can hold up to 6 cartridges at any one time and has a capacity of 12 tons of tyres per 12 hours.


The system use TDO fuel and Sync gas generated from the tyres to fire the reactor’s burners. Thus  the reactor is constantly operating. In order to use the oil and gas from the tyre to start the gas burner for the initial heating and to meet the stringent emission requirements for the local legislation, the emissions will be similar to that of a boiler.


Tyres and rubber that are in the reactor will be completely pyrolysis and removed from the cartridge and then a new batch loaded to repeat the cycle.


The cartridge is then brought into a clean room; where the steel wires and carbon is remove in a secure and clean confine space that prevents any escape of small particles or smell.


Cartridges that are removed will be clean extensively so as to maintain the best heating surface for the tyres. Because of such capability, CTS system can recover almost 45% by weight of oil from tyres.


This system is designed to be a modular unit which making it very suitable for relocation/ move and expanded per modular system.

RTDD refining process

RTDD is a refine process from CTS process which the oil is further refined into diesel that can be used for industrial and marine application.

At the moment, refining machines under development with MGR and GS Pyro, we targeted best at early 2021.Patent is currently being sort.

Italmatic trye recycle oil1
Italmatic tyre recycle oil2

TDO is black and difficult to use, it is normally sold to Petrol Refineries Plant for reprocessing and refineries.

Italmatic tyre recycle oil3

RTO can be use with MGO to produce RTDD. An accepted form of MGO.

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