New Italmatic Autoclaves for Thermoplastics

italmatic thermoplastic autoclaveItalmatic, leading company in the design and manufacture of autoclaves for the treatment of composite materials in aeronautic, aerospace, automotive and naval-marine, announces the new series of autoclaves for treatment of thermoplastic materials. The research, development and experience gained in the years allowed us to create a new generation of autoclaves, suitable to work at temperatures going over 450°C, at pressures of 20 bar and over, at the presence of inert fluids like nitrogen, CO2 or other mix. In the research, more and more aimed to energy saving, a gas heating system with direct combustion was designed, allowing savings up to 70%, compared to a traditional electric heating that, until now, was used because it was the only way to reach these temperatures. The system is complete with a dynamic control of combustion which, by suitable smokes analyzers, assures high yields and low emissions in the respect of rules in force. The new SCADA control system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), or DCS (Distributed Control System), with configuration in redundancy, allowed us to satisfy the more and more restrictive qualifications required in the aeronautic field, like BOEING “D6-49327 Rel_E” , “RPS 24.11”, “BAC 5621 etc. This new series of machines has a competitive quality/price ratio, for the advanced technology, high performances, reduced costs of operation and maintenance compared to traditional machines. With great pleasure, we are proud to announce, among our Customers, the Dutch association TPRC ( worldwide leader in the field of the research on thermoplastic materials.

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