Italmatic specialized skills and offer include:  
  • Design, engineering and manufacturing of equipment and turn-key plants for the production of new tyres and retreaded tyres for all type (tyres for passenger cars, truck, OTR, Avio): Inspection machines and spreaders; buffing machines; building machines and extruders; machinery for cold tyre retreading; presses; tyre matrix moulds.
  • Design, engineering and manufacturing of autoclaves of all sizes and for all applications: Autoclaves for rubber; autoclaves for laminated glass; autoclaves for plastics; autoclaves for composite materials (e.g. aerospace, automotive, naval-marine, chemical, building, electric, agriculture, sport and free time).
  • Design, engineering and manufacturing of turn-key plants and equipment for the production of new and retreaded solid tyres for forklift;
  • Design, engineering and manufacturing of turn-key plants and equipment for the rubberizing of all types of cylinders, roll covering;
  • Manufacturing of tire buffing blades, rasps, carbide tools & wheels for tyre retreading, portable extruders and all accessories and tools required to carry out the retreading process: Tyre buffing blades; tyre buffing rasps; carbide wheels and tools; stitchers; envelopes; curing tubes; bladders; accessories for presses; accessories for autoclaves.
  • Manufacturing of wheel balancing weights for car, truck, motorcycle; both clip-on and stick-on style weights: Zinc wheel balancing weights; Steel wheel balancing weights; Lead wheel balancing weights; Tin wheel balancing weights; stick-on wheel balancing weights; clip-on wheel balancing weights; coated balancing weights; uncoated balancing weights
  • Distribution of the finest brands of consumables, accessories, tire repair material, tools and accessories for tire repairing,  maintenance, fitting and mounting: Bottle and Trolley Jacks; rubber pads for autolift; tyre re-groover; tyre inflator; tyre pressure devices; impact sockets wrench; sockets; tyre levers; tyre valves; tyre snap-in valves; tyre metal valves; tyre TPMS valves and TPMS sensors; tools to mount wheel balancing weights; patches for tyre repair; plugs for tyre repair; chemicals for patches vulcanization; tyre mounting paste; tyre mounting grease; Michelin Tigre Grease; Patch Rubber repairing material; Schrader repairing material.
  • Production of industrial solid tyres for forklift with own brand Comfort ® and production of  presses to mount/demount solid tyres.
  • Design, engineering and manufacturing of turn-key plants and equipment for the production of precured treadfor cold retreading;
  • Turn-key plants for the production of wheel balancing weights;
  • After sales service, training, maintenance;
  • Know how for rubber compounds formulation for Solid Tyres and Rubber rollers.

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