OBD FAST FIT & TPMS Italmatic solution: a great value and easy-to-use solution

The Italmatic solution for TPMS programming tool, also includes a Bluetooth OBDII module (without cables) which is able to support traditional tpms re-learning in the car as well as useful Fast Fit features which are more and more requested by traditional tyre shops.

The solution has been studied to give access to the most frequently asked features, minimizing the investment:

  1. Steering wheel angle calibration / torque sensors
  2. Suspensions calibrations
  3. Tyre size change (for correct speed calculation)
  4. Settings suspension in lifting mode
  5. Electromechanical parking brake calibration
  6. Service light reset
  7. Brake pads replacement

The OBDII module is connected wireless;

  • To BTP1000 tool to perform tpms relearning
  • To Laptop or tablet to perform Fast Fit functions (where free ad-hoc software named TouchNet should be installed first).

The Fast Fit features are supported by Brain Bee, and consequently very accurate and with wide vehicles coverage on very high percentage of European vehicles.


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