Italsensor Multi-Programmer BTP4000: The best solution for tyre assembling professionals

Italsensor tpms suite is now including a dedicated multi-programming tool which has been studied to fully meet the needs of industrial tyre assembling companies who need to program on a just-in-time basis a set of 4 tpms to be installed on new winter tyre set.

The Multi-Programmer tool for italsensor (p/n IT-8400) is developed according to Italmatic functional specifications company Brain Bee, very well-known leader in Diagnostic and Tpms tools.

The solution foresees the possibility to program at same time with wireless technology 4 italsensor tpms, with a saving of ¾ of the time in comparison to traditional 1:1 programming method.

The Solution is also able to print labels (showing the ID number of each programmed sensor) and to create a very detailed job log file for storage and control.

The solution is packed in easy to transport case, which makes it interesting also for on-site assistance from one location to another.

Please watch the video, which shows how the solution works: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Additional releases are foreseen to add more functionalities and features to the solutions, aiming to make this tool unique and to offer our customers added-value.


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