Italmatic Tyre Recycling Technology

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Why Italmatic Tyre Recycling Technology


In worldwide, there are million tones of scrap tyre being produced per year. The huge quantity of waste tyres presently produced in the world will certainly increase in the future as the associated automotive industries grow.

Currently the disposal of scrap tyres becomes a serious environmental problem. The accumulation of discarded waste tyres leads to environmental pollution. A large fraction of the scrap tyres is simply dumped in sites where they represent hazards such as diseases and accidental fires. Rubbers are not biologically degradable, and this fact creates problems with their disposal. The impact of waste rubber on the environment can be minimized by recycling with material or energy recovery. However, during the processing of the tyres, molding rubber materials are cross linked, and therefore they cannot be simply again softened and remolded by heating. For many years, land filling was the main practical means for dealing with the problem of waste tyres.

However, land filling of tyres is declining as a disposal option, since tyres do not degrade easily in landfills, they are bulky, taking up valuable landfill space and preventing waste compaction. Open dumping may result in accidental fires with high pollution emissions. This predicament has given Italmatic the opportunity to offer solutions. Italmatic, a leading supplier of tyre machineries, in collaboration with Morelastic Green Resources, a Singapore tyre recycling plant, developed a simple solution for tyre waste. The solution provides management, technology and machines that will warranty profits for clients. We can also buyback arrange the materials produced. Italmatic has also recently completed the acquisition of the company GS Pryo Enterprise Private Limited in India. That is the major step for the recycling industry in Singapore. Let hope a better environment solution for Singapore and the world.

We have a team of experienced Engineers with many years of retreading and tyre recycling experience gained in tyre retreading and recycling, we can supply know-how complete system and machineries but also of methodologies.

Our approach to solve the scrap tyres



Prolonging, Recovery and Reuse

Scrap tyres will be collected from the market,  the tyres will then sort and retreaded to be resold as casings for reuse as a second hand tyre, this give a second life for the scrap tyre in the market.


However it only prolongs the life span of the tyres and it does not solve the waste and environment issue.


The process is called Tyre Retreading.


To know more, see ITALTEC.



Scrap tyres will undergo a process known as Tyre Pyrolysis and this process will extract or recover the valuable products e.g. Carbon Black, Fuel Oil, Steel Wire, Tyre Crumbs and others from scraped tyres.


Once the tyre oil has been processed which is known as “TDO”.  Its output can be further refined which is known as “RTDD” to liquid diesel and synthetic gas to be sold or used by the Power Generation plant.



Power is being generated from the electrical power plant to the electrical grid using the liquid diesel and the synthetic gas produced from the Pyrolysis process.

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