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The description of the below items and the following analysis will clarify the reasons for choosing an ITALMATIC ROLLER COVERING instead of other offers available in the market.

Italmatic is skilled in the supply of complete plants for rubber and polyurethane covering of any type of cylinder for all applications (ex. paper, textile, metallurgic industries, etc.).


The machines can be seen also in our Training Center in our factory of Capannori (Lucca), following all of the phases of the procedure.


We offer our know-how to guide the Customer in the choice of the formulations for the coating for the specific use.





In 1993, ITALMATIC produces and installs in its department the main plants to rubberize rollers.


Within a few months the autoclave curs the first samples destined to paper industry and its main transformations.

milan lucca


The great experience acquired in the years in the designing and construction of plants allowed a quick start and today a sound presence in the market of coatings.


lTALMATIC, UNl EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, designs and produces coatings of rollers in elastomeric materials for different fields, where severe working conditions require continuous updating in the designing of formulations.


ITALMATIC formulations, thanks to the constant research and development carried out by its own technicians, are in continuous evolution to assure the customer newer and newer and more and more performing features of steadiness and life.In this aim we have to our credit over seventy formulations in the different elastomeric families and in the most complete range of hardness.



roller elastomeric groups




The technology employed to ruooer/2e rollers needs that some preliminary conditions are assured, in order to obtain a high quality product reflecting the physical-mechanical features for which it was designed.


Therefore, it is essential that:


  • Mechanical parts (rollers) are accurately examined upon their arrival, that they are degreased from oils or residues of previous mechanical workings and that they are accurately sanded with dried sharp grit and totally devoid oi oil traces. The degree required for a correct adhesion is the degree SA 3 white metal with reference to rule SIS 05 5900.

roller coating

  • compounds are prepared respecting temperatures, Working times and oorrectly homogenized.

roller covering (9)


  • Metal parts, once sanding is completed, are seasonably protected by primer adhesive having the aim to preserve their cleaning and, most important thing, to prevent oxidation.

roller coating (3)


  • The coating applied by means of the extruder is carried out by skilled technicians in the full respect of ITALMATIC procedures. A correct preparation is the base fur obtaning a product with high features.

roller coating (4)

  • Curing occurs in autoclave, where the elastomer reticulation gives the coating the chemical-physical features for which it was designed.

roller coating (5) -



According to the more and more specific requests of the customer, ITALMATIC structured its own finishing department with machines and plants equipped with controls allowing warranty of product uniformity, quality of workings and procedure economies.


Productive potentialities are of all respect, allowing workings up to diameter 1250 mm and lengths up to 8000 mm.


The main mechanical  finishing workings on coatings are:


  • Turning and grinding (parallel convex or tapered profile)
  • Circular right and left helical rhomboidal and chevron riflings
  • Grooves
  • Threads

finishing workings




ITALMA TIC conformed its own Quality System to rules UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

Every single activity is regulated and described in suitable procedures, fixing case by case the actions to be taken. The system monitors and controls every phase of the production procedure from the reception of metal parts to controls during workings, to final tests,


Every single component can be clearly identified in every production phase, granting every traceability during workings.





Supplying a product satisfying completely the features required by the customer is the aim of each order ITALMATIC can assure this employing suitable instruments and equipment, correctly calibrated, certified and that can be correlated to primary reference samples. The tests we usually carry out include:

  • Visual examination
  • Dimensional test
  • Hardness test (by means of Shore and P&J scales)
  • Dielectric test


Every value taken is indicated in suitable Test Certificates delivered to the customer together with the material.

controls and test





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