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view productsThe description of the below items and the following analysis will clarify the reasons for choosing an ITALMATIC AUTOCLAVE instead of other offers available in the market.
SAFETY and STOUTNESS are the most important features of a machine subject to pressurization, therefore the type of door closure is essential for the choice, as the working simplicity and the manufacture of nuts, obtained from monolithic forgings, give max. warranty.


RELIABILITY widely proven by the thousands of machines sold and still working at present all over the world, starting from year 1966. Our aim has always been to supply the customer with aproduct capable to last in time and technologically advanced in order not to become obsolete in the near future.

Personalized DESIGN to satisfy all of the request of the customer. Our engineers are always available to find ad hoc personalized technical and economical solutions on the requests of the customer.

MATERIALS used in the construction, which are always of first quality, certified  and that can easily found in the market.

OPTIMIZATION of inside and outside spaces which are exploited at maximum , using particular solutions on the canalization for recirculation of fluids, on the geometry of heating and cooling batteries , and on the trolleys for material loading / unloading. These expedients allow to obtain the maximum space in the autoclave with a minimum encumbrance in the autoclave body.

PRODUCTION COSTS are low as the whole procedure is optimized to bring down consumption at maximum , the quality of insulating materials is high, the thermal yield of exchange batteries is high, high yield with low emissions  in the respect of rules in force. Minimum consumption of pressurization fluid by the use of dedicated software and recovery systems.

Reduced MAINTENANCE thanks to the quality of the components employed and to the innovative working technologies of the equipment.

Qualified and seasonable ASSISTANCE reserved to our customers; our assistance office assists over the phone, in remote mode via internet, or organizing a technical service directly on place, in a professional and exhaustive way.

RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT  in the aim to offer always solution technologically in the van.

ITALMATIC TEAM, consisting of young and dynamic staff, is always prepared to discuss and develop its autoclaves to satisfy the requirements of old and new customers. The technical staff is organized to support the Customer during the phases of erection, pre-commissioning, commissioning and training of the plant and warrants the necessary after-sale support.




The company ITALMATIC was established in 1966 starting to operate in the rubber field and in particular in projecting, manufacturing and selling machinery and plants for the production and retreading of tyres. Our specialization extended later in the field of cylinder rubber covering with the production of computerized extruders and then of AUTOCLAVES for VULCANIZATION with direct steam and hot air re-circulation , complete with automatic loading/unloading systems.autotec images (1)


ITALMATIC AUTOCLAVES are nowadays at the top of the worldwide production for technological level, quality and economy. With the experience gained in decades of activity and experimentations in the various industrial fields, our production of AUTOCLAVES soon extended to other industrial fields like, for example , stratification of laminating flat and curved glass, treatment of composite materials , production of rubber hoses for medium and high pressures , tyres retreading, curing of rubberized rollers and last but not the least, among these few examples, impregnation, etc.


Analysis and design


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ITALMATIC is a company certified ISO 9001 Vision 2000 for projecting and production of autoclaves; for more than 20 years it has been studying , designing and manufacturing on its own account machines, equipments and plants mainly destined to industries of rubber, composite materials and glass. In this context a great importance is gained by the design aspect, that the company deepens through its own technical dept., which is prepared and coordinated to solve problems involved with the designing of single machines and special equipments.


ITALMATIC designs every single autoclave after carefully examining the needs of the buyer.

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autotec images (3)The preparation of ITALMATIC AUTOCLAVES and technologies takes place in its productive units, whose skilled depts.. are coordinated by the technical dept., operating together synergically, to express the highest quality level.
A work articulated in different production phases: manufacture of components, assembling of parts, accurate testing in order to warrant safety and absolute reliability while working.
The different phases and the tests are carried out according to the ISO procedures and under the control of outside inspectors who are part of notified bodies who follow the whole item of the autoclave, from the design to the release of the certificates of conformity.
Moreover, manufacture foresees the use of the most advanced technologies in the electronic automation field , to have available a complete and simplified administration of the operating aspect.


Italmatic can produce autoclaves certified in accordance with CEI PED –TUV –APAVE –ASME, etc.






Plants for special applications

The technological evolution of this field, together with the experience acquired, gave us the possibility to design and manufacture with success supplies of plants , technologies and technical assistance both in Italy and abroad.
This is a complex aspect of the company’s activity for products and services connected with the manufacture of plants, witnessing the high professionalism of the company, together with the achieved quality standard.


Construction of the autoclave body

autotec images (4)The autoclave body consists of a metal cylinder, with a convex part welded on one end and outside nut of the door welded on the other end; everything is sustained by supports which warrant their steadiness. The mobile door is fixed to the autoclave body by means of a hinged support, allowing its rotation for the hooking /unhooking of closing teeth and its translation for a complete opening of the door. The longitudinal and circumferential welding are carried out with an automatic submersed arch welding system and are subjected to radiograph tests and non-destructive tests; the welding of hoses and accessories are carried out manually by our specialized and licensed staff. The materials used for construction are certified and, where necessary, tested by the corresponding control bodies.
At the end of construction, the body, in charge of testing the machine, comes on the spot to control the correct execution and to assist at the necessary hydraulic test.
The autoclave body is ready to be certified.










Door closing system

The closing system of ITALMATIC AUTOCLAVES was designed to reach max. safety and life. It is manufactured with two forged steel rings from which, by means of mechanical workings, two toothed nuts were obtained that, rotating one inside the other one, overlap the corresponding teeth , warranting a perfect and safe mechanical closure.
The pressurization fluid sealing, air and /or nitrogen, steam, etc,. is warranted by a silicone rubber gasket having a lip geometry. The gasket seals the door only when the fluid starts to enter into the autoclave.
With this type of gasket, we could manufacture the nuts, which hook-up one inside the other one without contact point, therefore without frictions. This warrants a long life in the years without frictions. This warrants a long life in the years without particular maintenance.

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Safety systems

ITALMATIC AUTOCLAVES are all equipped with devices foreseen by law, which warrant safety, in order to forbid door opening maneuvers with pressure inside it being higher than the atmospheric pressure and protecting its structure from eventual pressure or changes of temperature.
The plant which runs the cycle was designed to forbid the inlet of fluids in pressure when the door is open and therefore accessible to the staff in charge of the material load.
Moreover, autoclaves are equipped with a “man into autoclave “safety device when needed.

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Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation is proposed in two solutions, internal or external.


Internal – inside the autoclave a supporting frame is carried out for the insulating mattress ( rockwool and ceramic fiber) and for special plates, which cover the surface completely; then the channels for air recirculation, coming from heating and cooling batteries, are applied.


The advantage of the inside insulation can be easily guessed: high energy saving both for heating and cooling. The disadvantage is the reduction of the useful diameter to load material and more maintenance of the insulation in the years.


External – the outside insulation is carried out on the whole outside surface, using an insulating mattress (rockwool) and a painted steel plate to protect it. The advantages of this choice are: a max. exploitation of the inside space and a higher steadiness of temperature during the keeping phase, as the metal mass becomes a thermal flywheel. The disadvantage is clearly the energy consumption, as every time the metal mass needs to be heated and cooled.


Control system

It is one of the fundamental part of the installation, because it was expressly studied and developed for every single sector of the application.

The regulation system is based on an applicative software package which manages all the in-and-out signals for a correct control of the functioning cycles.

According to the used system, the applicative software allows to manage and store the recipes of the productive cycles, visualize and intervene on the process data of the ongoing cycle, register all the necessary data to trace and repeat the various working cycles, verify and fix eventual alarms, etc.
It is possible to install specific systems requested by the customer and developed in various configurations:

  • Programmer with Microprocessor (base system)
  • PLC + touch screen (advanced base system)
  • PLC + touch screen with SCADA/DCS supervision (dedicate system with supervision)
  • PLC + PC + DCS  with SCADA/DCS supervision and redundancy system  (dedicate system with advanced supervision)

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Automation and control

Italmatic offers its autoclaves, complete with a control system based on the most modern technology, to warrant the higher and higher quality standards required by the market.
“Italmatic Automation Division “, applying its own Know-How to the most modern digital intergrated technology offered by the automation market, developed its own “Autoclave Control System”, with a modular architecture, able to “configure” the control system from the simplest applications in the rubber and glass field , up to the most sophisticated applications for “composite materials” for the aeronautical and aerospace field.
Italmatic “Autoclaves Control System” develops all functions of:

  • Acquisition
  • Continuous and discreet control
  • Maintenance
  • Management
  • Remote assistance (PLC + PC)
  • Remote alarm
  • Sole hardware for different applications:
  • Micro Scale
  • Small Scale
  • Medium Scale
  • Large Scale


Redundancy strategies that can be developed any level

  • Control Lan
  • CPU
  • Power supply
  • I/O Bus
  • I/O Cards



This allows Italmatic to assure its own Customers a high standard quality, with a continuous evolution warranted by the cooperation with the hardware producers, who are worldwide leaders.

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