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– is a complete solution provider for the retreading industry, rubber roller covering industry, autoclaves  industry and solid tyre industry



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Established in 1966, we are the total solutions provider for the tyre retreading industry, offering a one-stop approach for our customer. As a pioneer in the industry with over 45 years of vast experience in the APAC and EMEA region, we understand the needs of our customers, and offer our customers the most cost effective, proven, top quality retreading equipment and accessories.


Our sales and technical team in Italy, US and Singapore work closely with our customers and provide the best solutions to cater their needs, such as plant layout designing, supervision of equipment installation, equipment maintenance and continuous product improvement. Our training schools are of the highest calibre, fully equipped with newest and most advanced technology to help educate our customers on the best equipments and processes that will continuously drive their business forward.


The tyre retreading industry has advanced tremendously and retreading plants. With highly sophisticated systems utilising cutting-edge computer-controlled equipment in place, retreaded tyres can often provide more mileage than new tyres, and at a much more competitive cost compared to the cost of new tyres.


At Italmatic, we always strive to enhance cost savings and improve the efficiency of our customers. If there is anything that can be done differently and better to add more value for the customer, we will be the ones to do it. As we grow together with our clients into the future, we will continue to provide only world-class equipment and solutions that can tangibly translate into your success.



Complete “Turn Key” Solutions to five main systems:




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