Italmatic Snap-in valves: now TÜV approved

It is always Italmatic focus and commitment to offer the best quality at great prices, for the whole products portfolio.

Snap-in valves are a highly sensitive product, as they might have impacts on tyre performance and driving safe.

The Italmatic range of EPDM snap-in valves is now TÜV homologated, which makes our customers sure about quality and reliability of the product once installed on tyres.

EPDM TÜV rubber valves confer high-level resistance to heat, ozone and atmospheric influences, ensuring high sealing performances and maximum safety.

Valves are available in 3 variants to provide best service and flexibility to customers: fully mounted, fully dismounted (body, core, cap) or partially dismounted (separate cap only).

The Italmatic snap-in valves delivered into poly bags characterized by a modern design, able to evoke a message of sportiness and high performance, and to give a clear and easy to recognize identity to the product.


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