Italmatic Penetrates South East Asian Market with AIT20 Autoclave

Italmatic has installed numerous units of its latest PC controlled AIT20 autoclave within the South East Asian market. The latest unit to be sold was installed recently in Continental Tyres retreading plant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
This new machine features state of the act control systems from siemens and the latest Windows based or Win C software. The machine allows the user to monitor tyres being cured in the chamber and provides users with critical information on the condition of the cure or the problems of any cure thereafter.
The software allows flexibility for users to remotely view the progress of the cure and also to link the machine to a common network. Additional features allow users to secure the machine from changes in recipe as well avoiding the curing of the wrong tyres.
Last but not least, with the new pc control system, users can ensure that the cure of the tyres is of the best quality thanks to extremely tight temperature control through the use of advanced algorithms to control the heating and air flow.

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