Italmatic patches and chemicals: Italrepair end-to-end solution

It is always Italmatic focus and commitment to offer the best quality at great prices, for the whole products portfolio.

The Italrepair product range for tube and radial patches, is proven by the market to be a reliable product after an introduction period of mostly 2 years.

The product formulation and reliability makes it a valid alternative to other traditional brands, also because of competitive price profile.

The italmatic solution (italrepair) is a chemical line, which gives several advantages, particularly the easy of usage by workshops and the long shelf life (5 years).

Today we are glad to officially launch the Italmatic Chemicals (cement, bead sealer, buffer) making the italrepair a complete end-to-end solution at the same level of other more famous brands.

The new Chemicals are fully compliant to REACH EU regulation; furthermore MSDS and Labels are consistent to European regulation.



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