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Company start up and first rasping mahine produced
Lucca plant start-up
First Autoclave for rubber built
Buffing Blades and wheel Balance weights started
Italmatic Asia Pte Ltd
Cylinder business start up
Cylinder business start up
Solid Tyre production start up
Autoclave for Glass and Composite materials
Pioneered steel clip on weights in Europe
MGT company acquisition for OTR retreading
TESCO Italmatic LLC (USA) J.V. start up
TPMS Euroshop division start up
German affiliate Gematic Gmbh start up
Lucca New plant to manufacture the BIG Autoclaves



Established in 1966, ITALMATIC started operating in the rubber industry and, in particular, in design, construction and installation of machines and complete plants to produce and retread tyres, obtaining in short time a strong international recognition.

Since 1983 Italmatic put aside the traditional business a wide range of consumables and accessories for tyre shops and retreaders; today Italmatic is a leading company at worldwide level for the completeness of offer to companies operating in the tyre retreading, repairing and assistance industry.


Italmatic produces many of the items handled among which buffing blades and rasps, carbide wheels and balancing weights, with relevant market quota at international level. The products of its own manufacture are supported by the distribution, in many cases in exclusive, of articles of primary international companies like for example Ruff, Patch Rubber, Alligator, Schrader, Wonder, safety Seal, Ingersoll Rand, VDO, Huf, etc.


In the years, through significant investments among which the opening in 1976 of a second factory of 6.000 sq.m. on the outskirts of Lucca, ITALMATIC extended its activities to new lines of business:


Autoclaves: since over 20 years Italmatic designs and produces autoclaves for rubber curing and for other applications, among which glass stratification, treatment of composite materials, manufacture of rubber hoses, etc.


Superelastic industrial solid tyres: since 2000 COMFORT solid tyres for forklifts are produced, using radial cylindrical matrices in six segments, assuring max. quality and performance compared to the solid tyres produced with traditional technology. Also a considerable number of presses to mount/demount solid tyres from rims of forklifts is produced.


Rubber and polyurethane coating of cylinders: since 1990 Italmatic produces plants for rubber and polyurethane coating of cylinders for the paper, textile industries, etc., and carries out directly the coating activity.


The Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) became compulsory in Europe during 2014 and Italmatic invested in TPMS EuroShop division to offer a complete range of products and specific services, becoming one of the main players in the European market for this business.

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