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Autoclave machine is a strong heated container used for industry processes making use of high pressures and temperatures. It can be manufactured with horizontal or vertical axle destined to different applications.


Autoclave molding is one of the open molding processes where the molded part is cured by application of the vacuum, heat, and pressure of the inert gases. The molded part is placed in a plastic bag, where the air is removed by a vacuum pump. This removes air inclusions and volatile products from the molded part. Then, heat and inert gas pressure are applied in the autoclave causing curing and densification of the material. Finally, autoclave curing enables fabrication of consistent homogeneous materials. This process bonds composite layers under pressure, the ability to manufacture pieces with high fiber loads, as well as high-quality products.


Pressure, temperature and vacuum (this last one if applicable) are run by the control system with PLC and man-machine interface. The system includes its own diagnosis system and can be integrated to the company’s system.


Inside the autoclave, in case of working by air/nitrogen, a heating and a cooling batteries are installed. The placing of  pressurization fluid in autoclave occurs by means of an inlet flange. The autoclave consists of a cylindrical body supported by two or more resting feet and closed at its ends, by one side with a welded convex bottom and by the other side with a mobile bottom hinged to a flag opening system. The autoclave surface, in face of working by air/nitrogen, is insulated internally with rock wool and contained by plate sheets of Alu-Zinc. It is insulated outside in case of working by direct steam. The nuts closure is by teeth. The bottom opening is with unique manoeuvre, equipped with safeties for opening and closure.

Glass autoclaves

Curing autoclaves

This process is similar to the hot press technique, the only difference being the method of applying pressure and heat.

The assembling of two or more glass sheets with interposition among them of a plastic laminated film after having been adequately treated in autoclave is called STRATIFIED GLASS.

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There are 3 types of curing and that is, AIG, AIM and AIT.

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