Italmatic is a leading producer of autoclaves having their main application in the following fields:


  • glass industry, using autoclaves for laminated glass stratification;
  • composite materials industry (for ex. aeronautic, building, nautic fields, etc.), using autoclaves for the polymerization of carbon fibers and thermoplastics;
  • rubber industry, using autoclaves for tyres, rubber rollers, couplings, technical items, etc.;
  • impregnation industry, using autoclaves for drying and impregnation procedures of various materials and components, like wood, metal, electric components, etc. ;
  • other industrial fields, like the field of sterilization, health, etc.


The development and preparation of running controls for the aboe autoclaves are executed internally through companie skilled in software and hardware solutions, being part of Italmatic group, as a warranty of the max. assistance in a long term optic.



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