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Rubber Vulcatnization-Curing Autoclaves | AIG | AIM |AIT

Italmatic autoclaves are nowadays at the top of the worldwide production for technological level, quality and convenience.



Our autoclaves are manufactured with certified materials and according to the most modern technologies.


Italmatic autoclaves followed step by step these innovations and assure safety, reliability, precision and repeatability of cycles in time.

Glass autoclaves

The process of lamination is the coupling of two tempered or hardened glass together. The coupling is made by using plastic film (such as PVB-polyvinyl butyral or EVA or CentryGlass) positioned between glass (so called “glass sandwich”).


In addition, it is possible to insert in between glasses the decorative materials (Tissues, fibers) or structural (polycarbonate, aluminum, photovoltaic).

Composite autoclaves

We call composite material the produce coming from the polymerization of carbon fibers and resins, adequately prepared and shaped overlapping coats of fibers and resin on moulds or cores.


Polymerization of resins can occur in moulds heated or in vacuum, but the best results are obtained through process in autoclave, keeping it in vacuum sealed in suitable envelopes to eliminate all air infiltrations and submitting it to outside pressure to improve its consistency.


In particular Italmatic for aeronautical, spatial and military fields, for structural parts and not, manufacture autoclaves in the respect of most severe American and European production standards like:


BOEING D6-49327; BAC5317-5; BAC5514,  BAC5578; BAC5621, AIPI03-02-019 BQG0080 , CPS8100 , CPS7100 , AP3222 assuring thermal uniformity according to AMS2750E and certification of the equipment according to rules NADCAP

Accessories Catalogue

Complete range of accessories, consumables and tools for tire retreading,  repairing, care and assistance of tires.


Tire shop accessories and supplies: Bottle and Trolley Jacks; rubber pads for autolift; tire re-groover; tire inflators and devices; tire pressure devices; impact sockets and impact wrenches; tire levers; sockets; tyre valves; tire valves (rubber and metal); TPMS valves and TPMS sensors; tools to mount wheel balancing weights; tyre repair material such as patches for tyre repair, plugs for tyre repair, chemicals for patches vulcanization; tyre mounting paste; tyre mounting grease; Michelin Tyre Grease; 


Tire repair material Patch Rubber (USA). Complete range of balancing weights for tyre: Zinc wheel balancing weights; Steel wheel balancing weights; Lead wheel balancing weights; Tin wheel balancing weights; stick-on wheel balancing weights; clip-on wheel balancing weights; coated balancing weights; uncoated balancing weights


Tyre retreaders accessories and tools:   Tyre buffing blades; tyre buffing rasps; carbide wheels and tools; stitchers; envelopes; curing tubes; bladders; accessories for presses; accessories for autoclaves.

Catalogue of Tyre Retreading Machines

Complete range of machines for truck and Aircraft tyre retreading both for hot and cold retreading. Wide selection of machines for the different phases of working: inspection, buffing, repairing, building, curing. Machines of latest generation and our production.

Catalogue for a selection of Schrader products

Original and compatible TPMS valves and sensors, Schrader snap-in rubber valves and Michelin rubber extensions;


Patches PRF+;Patches for air tubes PRC sizes 25mm-30mm-37mm-45mm-54mm-75mm;Plugs PRP3-PRP4,5-PRP6-PRP8-PRP10;  


Patches RAD+ sizes: RAD+110-RAD+112-RAD+114-RAD+115-RAD+116-RAD+120-RAD+122-RAD+124-RAD+125-RAD+126-RAD+140-142-RAD+144-RAD+145;  


Patches SDO sizes SDO01-SDO02-SDO03-SDO04-SDO05-SDO05S-SDO06-SDO07-SDO08;  


Cement OPALE+, Cement BLACK HOT+, Buffing solution, Cement ONIX+, BEAD SEALER, TYRE SEALANT;   and many other products for tyre repairing and care.

Comfort solid tyres catalogue

Production of Superelastic solid tyres for forklifts, from 4 to 20 inches, with normal and Flash rim profile. Production of Presses to mount/demount solid tyres from the rim.

Catalogue for OTR complete plant up to 51"

Complete plant to retread OTR tyres up to 51 inches with MGT/ Italmatic technology.

Catalogue complete plant for OTR up to 63"

Complete plat to retread OTR tyres up to 63 inches, with MGT / Italmatic technology.

Cylinders catalogue

Cylinders production and rubberizing for different applications (e.g. paper, textile, etc.)

Catalogue MRC 50/90/120 cylinder extruder

Extruders to rubberize any type of roller.

Catalogue MGT OTR Tyres Equipment

By the taking over of MGT, Italmatic boasts the range most in the van of computerized equipment for OTR retreading up to 63″. The wide range of computerized machines allows to cover all of the tyre sizes and all of the requirements of the Customer.

Plants & Equipment Catalogue

Italmatic offers is a complete  “Turn Key” solution for the retreading industry, rubber roller covering industry, autoclaves  industry and solid tyre industry.

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