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Italmatic buffer was created more than 45 years ago and obtained great recognitions and acceptance by the Italian retreaders, thanks to its simplicity of use, strong construction, precision finishing and high quality.


In 1969, by the encouragement of Italian users,Italmatic attends for the first time with its buffer the London Motor Show, gathering great success thanks to simplicity and efficiency combined to a very competitive price.


Soon Italmatic machines are used by retreaders all over the world and at leading companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries, having Italmatic becoming the main manufacturer of equipment for tyre retreading in Europe, with hundreds of buffers, extruders and inspection machines produced every year.


In 1976, our second industrial plant in Lucca (Italy) was built, a beautiful town very near to Pisa and Florence, on a total area of 6.000 sq.m.


In this factory, more than 100 curing presses for tyres of different sizes and 300 matrices are produced every year.
The new factory has available also its own foundry dept. for aluminium materials, where over two thousands tyre tread patterns are cast.


In 1980 the first autoclave to cure the rubber of retreaded tyres is manufactured.


In 1983, the production in Milan factory of buffing blade and carbide tools for retreading is started, to which very soon also the production of the first balancing weights for wheels is added.


In 1984 the affiliate in Singapore is established to trade the machineries in Asia and to give the assistance service.


In 1990, at our factory in Lucca, a complete plant to rubberize rollers with machines produced by Italmatic is inaugurated, among which computerized extruders, autoclaves complete with loading/unloading plants and grinding machines for rollers model RTC, employed as Training Center to rubberize every day a considerable number of rubber rollers and for the continuous development of specific know-how on the compounds, thanks to the daily experience.


Analogously, in 2000, in Lucca factory a complete plant for the production of super-elastic industrial solid tyres is opened, first with the aim of demonstration of Italmatic technology and, later on, for the production with COMFORT brand. The technology employed is of latest generation with Italmatic machines and, in particular, with radial, cylindrical matrices in six segments, assuring the maximum quality and performance compared to the solid tyres produced by the traditional technology.


Moreover, presses to mount and demount solid tyres from the rims of forklifts are produced.


In 2001 the offer of Italmatic autoclaves in fields being different from the traditional one of the rubber is started.Today Italmatic autoclaves are at the top of the worldwide production for technological level, quality and convenience, introducing innovations and solutions matured in decades of experience and experimentation in the most different industrial fields, like or example the lamination of flat and curved glass, treatment of composite materials, manufacture of rubber pipes for medium and high pressures, tyre retreading, curing of rubber coated rollers and, not least among these few examples, impregnation, etc.


In 2011 Italmatic takes over MGT, Italian company leader in the production of equipment for OTR and aircraft tyres retreading; this taking over is a further and important step onward in the program of investments in technology and human resources, that Italmatic is carrying out in the aim to consolidate the position of leading company in the worldwide market for retreading equipment. By the taking over of MGT, Italmatic can today boast the range most in the van of computerized equipment to retread aircraft and OTR tyres up to 63″.


Our commercial and technical organization is recognized all over the world and we supply to our Customers machines of the highest quality standard. Our continuous assistance and the technical know-how assure that the equipment supplied by us are working efficiently in any moment.


In Italmatic Asia


Italmatic Asia was established in Singapore in 1984 to service the retreading industry and tyre dealers in East Asia. Under the leadership of company founder Lily Yeo, our company has provided retreaders in East Asia with service sales support for almost twenty years.  During this time Italmatic has supplied equipment and provided training and technological transfer to more than 200 retread factories in East Asia.


Since then, our activities in Asia are backed up by extensive network of agents servicing factories and tyre shops throughout the region.


Our commercial and technical organization is recognized worldwide and we provide all our customers with machines that are of the highest quality standard.  In 2007, training center in China (Jinan) was established for continuous assistance in technical know-how and to ensure that the equipment supplied by us work efficiently at all times.


In 2010, Italcomfort tyres, a solid tyre plant was set up in Malaysia to produce new solid tyres with a capacity of 2000 per material. It is a joint venture with Titron Group.


In 2013, KOTR, a Truck OTR retreading plant will be set up in Indonesia to retread and OTR tyres up to 49”. It is a joint venture with Gunungbayan Pratamacoal group.


At the same time, Italmatic Asia managing director Mr. Parry Yeo forms a partnership with Nam Bee Rubber and Tyre Group headed by Mr. Tan Chin Han a under the name of ItalmaticTEC to produce a wider range of servicing in the retreading industry and automotive market in the asian region.


Today, Italmatic Asia encompasses a wide array of turn key solutions to meet our valued clients’ requirements.

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