Italsensor, new tpms Italmatic sensor


Italmatic, specialist and leader of TPMS in Europe with TPMSEuroShop division, introduces the new sensor tpms italsensor ®, result of the experience and competence gained in this field, and produced in exclusive for Italmatic by Schrader Electronics.

O.E. technology of Schrader Electronics, incorporated in italsensor, assures the highest quality standard: produced in UK, if offers certainty of reliability, high coverage of the circulating float, capacity to support the newest and most complex technologies of auto-location of tpms sensors.


italsensor® is the new programmable universal wireless sensor which makes the difference, in a market distinguished by a growing demand.


By effect of scale economies of R&D and production procedures and of the efficiency of the distribution network, italsensor gets positioned in an extremely competitive price range, proposing itself as an alternative of European quality to sensors imported from Far East.


Available in the version with rubber valve and with aluminium valve (to assure max. lightness), it doesn’t need dedicated programming instruments because it is supported by the main producers of tpms instruments like Bartec, Tecnomotor, Ateq.


The experience and professionalism of Italmatic team, the attention to Customers and flexibility to accept requests, the completeness of tpms products range (original and programmable sensors, programming instruments, service kits, etc.), the multiplicity of services with added value (massive programming, training center, portal, call center tpms service, etc. ), complete Italmatic offer to satisfy the requirements of all types of Customers active in the tpms field.


italsensor is the right sensor for quality, coverage and price: don’t be satisfied with sensors which are switching off the warning lamp, but ask for the best that only a specialist like Italmatic can assure You.

italsensor: the right sensor.

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