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OBD FAST FIT & TPMS Italmatic solution: a great value and easy-to-use solution

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

The Italmatic solution for TPMS programming tool, also includes a Bluetooth OBDII module (without cables) which is able to support traditional tpms re-learning in the car as well as useful Fast Fit features which are more and more requested by traditional tyre shops.

The solution has been studied to give access to the most frequently asked features, minimizing the investment:

  1. Steering wheel angle calibration / torque sensors
  2. Suspensions calibrations
  3. Tyre size change (for correct speed calculation)
  4. Settings suspension in lifting mode
  5. Electromechanical parking brake calibration
  6. Service light reset
  7. Brake pads replacement

The OBDII module is connected wireless;

  • To BTP1000 tool to perform tpms relearning
  • To Laptop or tablet to perform Fast Fit functions (where free ad-hoc software named TouchNet should be installed first).

The Fast Fit features are supported by Brain Bee, and consequently very accurate and with wide vehicles coverage on very high percentage of European vehicles.


Italsensor variable angle IT-300: premium solution, made in UK

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

The italsensor tpms product portfolio is now including the Variable Angle 0-40° variant.



This exclusive product has same design as EZ 2.0 from Schrader:  extremely compact plastic case, lightweight, angle variability from 0 to 40°, top quality standards.

Such features position the product at a premium level in the market, as quality and uniqueness.

The italsensor tpms variants currently available are the following:

  • IT-100: italsensor with rubber valves fixed angle
  • IT-200: italsensor with aluminium clamp-in valve fixed angle
  • IT-300: italsensor with aluminium clamp-in valves variable angle 0-40°

All variants have same electronics and coverage, which is around 96% of current vehicles park in Europe.

Italsensor can be programmed using the most popular tools in the market, such as Ateq VT56/VT46, Bartec Tech500, Texa, BrainBee, Tecnomotor, as well as using the dedicated Italsensor tool BTP1000 (part number IT-8000)

Coverage list is available and continuously updated on



Italsensor Multi-Programmer BTP4000: The best solution for tyre assembling professionals

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Italsensor tpms suite is now including a dedicated multi-programming tool which has been studied to fully meet the needs of industrial tyre assembling companies who need to program on a just-in-time basis a set of 4 tpms to be installed on new winter tyre set.

The Multi-Programmer tool for italsensor (p/n IT-8400) is developed according to Italmatic functional specifications company Brain Bee, very well-known leader in Diagnostic and Tpms tools.

The solution foresees the possibility to program at same time with wireless technology 4 italsensor tpms, with a saving of ¾ of the time in comparison to traditional 1:1 programming method.

The Solution is also able to print labels (showing the ID number of each programmed sensor) and to create a very detailed job log file for storage and control.

The solution is packed in easy to transport case, which makes it interesting also for on-site assistance from one location to another.

Please watch the video, which shows how the solution works: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Additional releases are foreseen to add more functionalities and features to the solutions, aiming to make this tool unique and to offer our customers added-value.


Italsensor Fit&Go: complete range

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

The Italsensor Fit&Go tpms is a pre-programmed multi-application tpms, ready to be installed on a range of vehicles, without the need to be programmed.

The Fit&Go development program is now completed and encompass 5 variants:

  • P01 – Mercedes-Daimler
  • P02 – Hyundai and Kia
  • P03 – Renault & Nissan
  • P04 – Opel, Ford, GM
  • P05 – BMW

You may contact us for more info about the the application list for each variant.

The 5 variants, put together are able to cover approx. 65% of the overall European park, with a great advantage in the usage and save of time.


Italmatic Snap-in valves: now TÜV approved

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

It is always Italmatic focus and commitment to offer the best quality at great prices, for the whole products portfolio.

Snap-in valves are a highly sensitive product, as they might have impacts on tyre performance and driving safe.

The Italmatic range of EPDM snap-in valves is now TÜV homologated, which makes our customers sure about quality and reliability of the product once installed on tyres.

EPDM TÜV rubber valves confer high-level resistance to heat, ozone and atmospheric influences, ensuring high sealing performances and maximum safety.

Valves are available in 3 variants to provide best service and flexibility to customers: fully mounted, fully dismounted (body, core, cap) or partially dismounted (separate cap only).

The Italmatic snap-in valves delivered into poly bags characterized by a modern design, able to evoke a message of sportiness and high performance, and to give a clear and easy to recognize identity to the product.


Italmatic patches and chemicals: Italrepair end-to-end solution

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

It is always Italmatic focus and commitment to offer the best quality at great prices, for the whole products portfolio.

The Italrepair product range for tube and radial patches, is proven by the market to be a reliable product after an introduction period of mostly 2 years.

The product formulation and reliability makes it a valid alternative to other traditional brands, also because of competitive price profile.

The italmatic solution (italrepair) is a chemical line, which gives several advantages, particularly the easy of usage by workshops and the long shelf life (5 years).

Today we are glad to officially launch the Italmatic Chemicals (cement, bead sealer, buffer) making the italrepair a complete end-to-end solution at the same level of other more famous brands.

The new Chemicals are fully compliant to REACH EU regulation; furthermore MSDS and Labels are consistent to European regulation.



New Generation of Italmatic Machineries for Small E. M. Tyre Retreading

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Eight thousands machines of Italmatic production are working every day in the world to retread tyres from motorcycle up to 63”, including aircraft tyres and super elastic solid tyres.

In particular, Italmatic installed 25 complete plants to retread E. M. tyres up to 63”, establishing themselves as the company with the highest number of references.

Recently, Italmatic introduced the new generation of machineries for E. M. tyres up to 29.5R25 which immediately got great interest and success among retreaders and the first two plants were installed in Holland and Turkey.

Matic One 29.5R25 is the new buffer completely computer controlled able to execute extremely accurately the operations of peeling, buffing and grooving on small E. M. tyres, with software prepared by Gigapiù, the software house of Italmatic Group, able among other things to assure the best after sales assistance 24/7.

Matic Optima 29.5R25 is the new computer controlled extruder with pin screw 120mm at very high production capacity and accuracy for the preparation of small E. M. tyres.


Dongguan City Beststone Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. acquires Italmatic Retreading Machines

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Dongguan City Beststone Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2005 is china’s leading manufacture of retreaded tire and retreading materials recently acquires Italmatic’s High Grade Retreading Machines. Said milestone is China‘s first retreading line with advanced equipment and technology totally imported from Italy…


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