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Italmatic Penetrates South East Asian Market with AIT20 Autoclave

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Italmatic has installed numerous units of its latest PC controlled AIT20 autoclave within the South East Asian market. The latest unit to be sold was installed recently in Continental Tyres retreading plant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
This new machine features state of the act control systems from siemens and the latest Windows based or Win C software. The machine allows the user to monitor tyres being cured in the chamber and provides users with critical information on the condition of the cure or the problems of any cure thereafter.
The software allows flexibility for users to remotely view the progress of the cure and also to link the machine to a common network. Additional features allow users to secure the machine from changes in recipe as well avoiding the curing of the wrong tyres.
Last but not least, with the new pc control system, users can ensure that the cure of the tyres is of the best quality thanks to extremely tight temperature control through the use of advanced algorithms to control the heating and air flow.

Tyre Technocrats acquires new Italmatic MGT Machine

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Tyre Technocrats India, Specialists in the Repair of All OTR Tyre acquires new Italmatic MGT Machines. This Latest OTR Retreading Technology– first time in India,  is capable of Processing and Retreading Tyres up to 57” and has a much quicker turn around time as compared to most of the current retreading machines available worldwide.

Italmatic Asia ventures with Nambee Tyre Group for Solid Tyre Project

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Italmatic Asia ventures with Nambee Tyre Group for Solid Tyre Project. The said partnership aims to produce the first Solid Tyre Plant in Singapore which will cater customers all over East Asia.

Asia’s first supply of carbon fibre autoclave delivered

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Italmatic has recently delivered asia’s first supply of carbon fibre autoclave to it’s long time customer Thai Rollers

Italmatic won NTU Project

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Italmatic Asia recently delivered the composite autoclave for Nanyang Technological University, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering requirements for Nitrogen Generation and Filtration System

CTRM Project awarded again to Italmatic Asia

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

COMPOSITES TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH MALAYSIA (CTRM) Sdn Bhd, a worldwide leader company in the manufacture of composite materials for aerospace industry, has recently acquired new Autoclaves manufactured by Italmatic.

Transportation of both Autoclaves, which took place recently, required the coordination of a major human and technical team due to the large size of equipment (with a diameter over 4 meters) for delivery to CTRM’s central, located in Malaysia.

Acquiring of these new Autoclaves will let CTRM strengthen its position in aerospace market and continue leading the international industry sector.

Italrepair is born, new line of Italmatic patches

Thursday, September 15th, 2016


In a 2016 already marked by important events Italmatic, leader in the production of balancing weights and in the distribution of tyre shop material, is glad to announce that since short time also a new complete line of patches and curing chemicals is available.

In occasion of 50th anniversary, Italmatic decided to strengthen the image of its products, its brand and the completeness of the range offered with a series of novelties following each other during the year and that Italmatic will be pleased to introduce to You soon, like it recently occurred for the new Tpms sensor Italsensor®.

We are in a very delicate moment of the market where it is necessary for the companies to differ from competition, offering to our own distribution network the right products to allow them to be winning. Italrepair aims to be a product line dedicated to cold repairings which gets positioned to a very interesting level of price and to an excellent quality, at the same level of the brands mostly known in the market.

We have available patches for air tubes, patches for tubeless radial tyres, monofil inserts and plugs for punctures, universal UP patches and curing cement for their application.

Although the economic period we are living in general and, in particular, in the way of garages and tyre shops, Italmatic continue investing trustfully and believing in the business which is seeing them as a protagonist in the market since 50 years”.

The company is looking for distributors all over Europe for this line of product and is looking for partners believing in its strong potential to be combined to the already indisputable quality of its range of balancing weights, like already many people did for this product.

Italsensor, new tpms Italmatic sensor

Thursday, September 15th, 2016


Italmatic, specialist and leader of TPMS in Europe with TPMSEuroShop division, introduces the new sensor tpms italsensor ®, result of the experience and competence gained in this field, and produced in exclusive for Italmatic by Schrader Electronics.

O.E. technology of Schrader Electronics, incorporated in italsensor, assures the highest quality standard: produced in UK, if offers certainty of reliability, high coverage of the circulating float, capacity to support the newest and most complex technologies of auto-location of tpms sensors.


italsensor® is the new programmable universal wireless sensor which makes the difference, in a market distinguished by a growing demand.


By effect of scale economies of R&D and production procedures and of the efficiency of the distribution network, italsensor gets positioned in an extremely competitive price range, proposing itself as an alternative of European quality to sensors imported from Far East.


Available in the version with rubber valve and with aluminium valve (to assure max. lightness), it doesn’t need dedicated programming instruments because it is supported by the main producers of tpms instruments like Bartec, Tecnomotor, Ateq.


The experience and professionalism of Italmatic team, the attention to Customers and flexibility to accept requests, the completeness of tpms products range (original and programmable sensors, programming instruments, service kits, etc.), the multiplicity of services with added value (massive programming, training center, portal, call center tpms service, etc. ), complete Italmatic offer to satisfy the requirements of all types of Customers active in the tpms field.


italsensor is the right sensor for quality, coverage and price: don’t be satisfied with sensors which are switching off the warning lamp, but ask for the best that only a specialist like Italmatic can assure You.

italsensor: the right sensor.

Italmatic celebrate 50 years

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Italmatic was established on 18th February 1966. We celebrate our 50 years of history thanking all cooperators, Customers, suppliers, etc. who allowed us to achieve this prestigious result.

ITALMATIC issues new software release for MGT

Thursday, September 15th, 2016


The new software release 18.1.15 is now available and can be installed on existing One 51″, One 63″ and Optima One 63″. In particular, the following additional functions have been implemented:

– Restrictions to prevent errors of parameters insertion by the operator for new recipes;

– Possibility of free connections for any type of grooving;

– Programs with consecutive sessions of horizontal and vertical grooving;

– Elimination of control pushbuttons on the control panel with integration of these functions in the supervision

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